For a long time, paper bags were think to be better for the environment than plastic bags. While it is true that paper is bio-degradable whereas plastic is not, Grocery Paper Bags With Handles . Have a damaging effect on the environment. The problem is that the paper they’re make from comes from trees, and. While trees will grow back, they do so slowly. The demand for paper for products like disposable paper bags is so high that there aren’t enough trees to sustain. It without much of the over-cutting and deforestation that we’ve seen over the years.

Grocery Paper Bags With Handles

Trees consume carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. One of the reasons that there is so much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is that there aren’t enough trees to take in enough of it to restore balance to the global ecosystem. Grocery Paper Bags have all the utility of disposable paper and bags and cause none of the problems. Reusable tote bags, as their name implies, are reusable. They may be launder and use again and again. They are usually make of bags from renewable resources such as cotton and jute.

Grocery Paper Bags With Handles

These bags may be grow quickly without worrying about depleting any of the earth’s precious resources.

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