The Gemini Ring Saws is a very adaptable, light-duty ring saw that can cut various materials, including tile, stone, glass, plexiglass, and different metals like brass, silver, and aluminum. Its ring saw blade is a virtual “ring” of stainless steel with a hollow center.

  • The Gemini Ring Saws water system is independent, making it portable.
  • The saw may be changed into a portable saw for maximum agility, enabling you to bring the saw right up to the material.
  • The saw also has a stabilizer foot and integrated lighting. Professional tile installers, glass and metal artisans, artists, DIY enthusiasts, and anyone who needs precise cuts that are impossible with standard cutters will find the Gemini Ring Saws ideal tools.
  • The Taurus 3 Ring Saw comes with various blade options so that you may choose the best one for the task.
  • The Standard Gemini T Ring Saws Blade is a multipurpose blade with a diamond grit covering the outside. It enables unidirectional cutting or the feeding of material into the saw blade from any direction, including forwarding, backward, and diagonally.

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