If you travel along a Middle Eastern street at night, you could see friends hanging around and emitting huge plumes of smoke due to the abundance of restaurants and cafés that offer hookah.

However, if you’re starting, you should be aware of a few things about shisha smoking. These key hookahs facts are ones you should be aware of.

Components Of Hookah

1) Glass makes up most of the hookahs, from the vase to the non-penetrable base. The stem and hoses are often made of steel and plastic, respectively.

2) Hookah tobacco bowls can be constructed from various materials, including silicon, clay, glass, metal, plastic, glass-coated steel, and metal.


3) Although some are constructed from bamboo or lemon trees, most hookah coals are made from coconut shells.

4) The coals that light up quickly are made from dust and contain additional components that speed up lighting.

5) Because coconut coals are created from natural materials, burn longer, and don’t have an unpleasant smell, most smokers prefer shisha made from them. They also don’t include any chemicals that could harm your health.

6) The quality of the tobacco used to make hookah relies on the shisha brand kinds and is made from basic materials. However, the most widely utilized substances are dried and washed tobacco, molasses or honey, natural glycerin, and fruit pulp.

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