Hookah is a new fad gaining popularity worldwide and is being sought after by many people as an alternative to cigarette smoking. Many people, especially the younger generation, are drawn to these waterpipe gadgets because of their accessibility and variety of flavors.

1) Many people worldwide are using this different way of smoking cigarettes to relieve stress. The relationship between hookah smoking and its effects on lowering stress was evaluated in this brief review.

2) The hookahs, a water pipe used in many cultures under many names (such as shisha and narghile), is a long-standing and traditional way to smoke tobacco that is gaining popularity worldwide.

3) Smoking hookahs is a common pastime for youths and young adults in the United States. Unfortunately, this new smoking method gives the user a misleading impression that it is a safer option than smoking cigarettes.

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4) Although some who smoke hookahs may believe it to be less dangerous than smoking cigarettes, it poses the same health hazards. In addition, because of increased demand, hookah lounges are expanding, increasing health hazards.

5) Despite these dangers, many continue to inhale these carcinogens since they find it simple to relieve tension, despite the hazards.

6) Nicotine, which is present in hookah-flavored tobacco, aids in the release of dopamine when inhaled. When someone is agitated, this release is what makes them feel good or tranquil.

7) Regarding nicotine concentration, hookah smoking is a safer option than cigarette smoking for lowering stress.

People may not become as addicted to hookahs as cigarette smoking since the flavored tobacco in a hookah has far less nicotine. However, no matter how much nicotine is present, the harmful health hazards are still present in both situations.

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